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Four Walls and a Heart

Gilbert Oxley and Magni Torham's romance in 1884.   When Gil returns to Albion after a life-threatening injury fighting in the British Army during the Mahdist War, he comes back to himself in the Temple of Healing. He has no idea what he's going to do with his life. When Magni discovers he's there, he turns up to visit a man whose wit and humour used to fill a room, unsure of his welcome.   Includes a trip to the Brighton seaside for recuperation, a small mystery, and two men figuring out what they want.  
Content notes for Four Walls and a Heart
M/M friends to lovers romance, while one of the protagonists is dealing with amputation of his lower leg. Contains some homophobia from minor characters (unpleasant disapproval, not violence, from a family member). Also contains some references to the uneven path of healing. Other protagonist is a member of Albion's Guard, responsible for public safety and law enforcement considerations (his duties are referenced, but not the focus of the plot).

Notable people

Magni Torham
Gilbert Oxley
Richard Edgarton (referenced)


Trellech : Brighton : London (Southwark)
Related books
Gil and Magni both appear as secondary characters in Pastiche (where Richard finally learns about their relationship), and also in The Fossil Door and Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna as Richard and Alysoun's son Gabe falls in love.

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