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The Fossil Door

In the spring of 1922, a recently created portal fails in the Scottish Highlands (just outside of Glencoe). Rathna Stone is assigned to investigate what happened and ideally fix the problem. Gabriel Edgarton is the Penelope assigned to help her.   When they first arrive, Rathna is entirely unsure what to make of Gabe - he is nothing like she expected. They must learn to work together and trust each other enough to investigate the portal, avoid the possibly-real legendary beithir, and  
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Heroine was born in London to Bengali parents, orphaned at 8 and grew up largely disconnected from her culture. Her apprenticeship took place largely within the London Jewish community in Spitalfields. Hero comes from significant social privilege, has what we’d identify as ADHD, and suffered a life-changing injury (not in the Great War).   Discussion of other War deaths and injuries. Some bias from others on the basis of background and presumed orientation.

Notable people

Rathna Stone (main)
Gabriel Edgarton (main)
Alysoun Edgarton (minor)
Richard Edgarton (minor)
Charlotte Edgarton (minor)
Magni Torham  (minor)
Gilbert Oxley (minor)
Elizabeth Mason (minor)
  Also: various Scottish Highlanders, research staff, and members of the Guard, as well as guests at a masked party.


Scotland (Glencoe) : Veritas : London
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Cover of The Fossil Door. A man and woman in 1920s dress stand silhouetted on a bright burgundy and glowing orange background. An illuminated book is inset in the top left corner.

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