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Elizabeth Mason

Elizabeth Mason (most commonly known as Mason) is a Penelope, the chaos to Agatha Witt's order. By her first appearance in Pastiche, she's well-established in her profession, particularly known for her skills in investigation, Materia, and Incantation.   She has a flat in Trellech with Rosemary Ditson, and attended Alethorpe.   Mason is an extremely talented artist when it comes to making a forgery or perfect copy: one of her books is discussed in detail in Complementary and one in The Fossil Door. She has what we'd identify as ADHD these days, but finds that a mercurial mind solves many problems (so long as her more order-minded colleagues don't strangle her for a chaotic workspace).  

Family background

Mason's mother is of Dutch-Malaysian background, and her father is English. She mentions in Complementary that he was a colourman, a mixer of pigments, and that's how she picked up several of her skills and interests.   She becomes close to the Edgartons, and both Gabe and Charlotte refer to her as "Aunt Mason" when in family social settings.  
In Pastiche, Richard Edgarton asks for her help to solve a particular investigatory problem. Mason and Alysoun Edgarton meet properly for the first time, and quickly like each other, bringing Mason into the Edgarton's personal circle.
Complementary finds Mason assigned to help Rosemary Ditson with a curious situation that needs further investigation. Mason is certainly up for the task, whether it means showing off the right amount of artistic talent or making the most of the cottage with only one bed.
Wards of the Roses
Mason doesn't appear directly in Wards of the Roses, but at one point Giles Lefton asks Richard Edgarton about previous investgations, and Richard briefly says that they shouldn't try ladders, one of the first investigators got hurt that way. This was Mason, something Gabriel Edgarton makes clear in The Fossil Door.
The Fossil Door
Mason assists Rathna Stone with a costume toward the end of The Fossil Door as well as conspiring a bit with Alysoun Edgarton.
Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna
Mason is present for several of the scenes of Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna, an extra following The Fossil Door. It also gives a chance to see more clearly how she and Agatha Witt work together.
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Mason, almost always.  




Partner of Rosemary Ditson as of 1910
  Chosen aunt of
Gabriel and Charlotte Edgarton   Close to all of the The Edgarton family


  Working partner of Agatha Witt