Alethorpe is generally considered the second best of the Five Schools (after Schola). It is based in the northwest of Norfolk, built into a small independent magical village. 350 students study here (70 in each year).   Alethorpe focuses on practical magics, with a particular interest in healing, apothecary work, and crafting of all kinds (including bookbinders and gunsmiths!)   Students and graduates often wear a necklace of their speciality stone set in copper.  


While students at Alethorpe have strong affiliations with their Houses, it works rather differently than the Schola houses.   Students live in larger dormitories for the first two years, divided by gender. Once they pick a specialisation (at the end of their second year), they join a house of about 18-20 people for their last three years of study.   There is often some commonality (of approach, of speciality, of the type of magic they focus on) but there is variation from year to year, and the school staff and heads of house actively look to create spaces for cross-pollination. These connections often continue through their working lives. Each house has an accent colour, drawn from dyes and other natural colours.   The houses are:
  • Vermillion House (bright red)
  • Madder House (dark red)
  • Lac House (pink)
  • Marigold House (pale yellow)
  • Fustic House (golden yellow)
  • Nettle House (bright green)
  • Copper House (deep green)
  • Woad House (blue)
  • Lavender House (pale purple)
  • Logwood House (dark purple)
  • Walnut House (brown)


Alethorpe was founded after The Pact to replace a similar school in London.  


The following characters (among many others) attended Alethorpe:  
Heraldic shield with a green mortar and pestle on a white ground.

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