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Lynet Alder Hollis

Lynet Alder grew up in the Southwark area of London, where her father was a respected bookbinder. Her mother died when she was young, and she learned from him and helped as she could before attending Alethorpe. Once she was finished there, she formally apprenticed to him, becoming a full mistress of the art quite promptly.   At the opening of Bound For Perdition, her father has just died, a fortnight earlier, after a protracted illness.  

Appears In

Bound For Perdition‌ (main)
Bound For Perdition
In Bound For Perdition, Lynet has been charged with creating magical journals as part of the War effort. She and her papermaker colleague, Ellis, were successful in a prototype in early 1917, but are now challenged to bring down the costs and make them much more quickly. The only assistance she's offered is Reggie Hollis, who has no relevant skills.
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Married name

Lynet Hollis




Marries Reggie Hollis in 1918
Three children


Bookbinder, magical journals