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Elen Morris Gospatrick

Elen Morris is the daughter of a miner-turned-mine administrator and a teacher who grew up around the Dolaucothi mines in southern Wales. She attended Alethorpe, and became a nurse after her apprenticeship at the Temple of Healing in Trellech before going on to serve at the Temple of Youth, a healing temple for Albion devoted to care of children and young adults, mostly those with ongoing illness.   She is a particular devotee of the goddess Sirona, a Gallic goddess associated with healing.  

Appears In

Carry On‌ (main)
Casting Nasturtiums‌ (mentioned)
Carry On
During Carry On, it becomes clear that Elen's had a hard year or two. She left her work at the Temple of Youth to volunteer for service nursing for the war effort. While working at a hospital at the front, an explosion caused a building collapse that gave her a serious concussion and left her with ongoing migraines.   She returned to Trellech hoping to find nursing work that needed her particular skills, and instead found herself baffled by some of the decisions around Roland Gospatrick's care. By the end of the book, they are overseeing a rehabilitation hospital focusing on injury to magical ability.
Casting Nasturtiums
Elen is referenced briefly in Casting Nasturtiums when Golshan Soltani is a resident at the rehabilitation home she and Roland Gospatrick run.
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Married name

Elen Gospatrick




Marries Roland Gospatrick in 1917
Everley (son)