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As the world of Albion has grown, I've wanted to share ways to find favourite characters in other books, follow threads of longer-term plots through multiple books, and figure out where things happen. This wiki is the place for all of that. If there's something you're looking for that isn't here, please get in touch - questions from readers are great in helping me figure out what info would be useful.   You can navigate through the site using the "World Codex" links - click on any text there to expand the tree and find articles. Items with an individual paper icon are articles, other icons and folders contain more items.  

A word about spoilers

In the entries for individuals, the visible entry focuses on the information available about them at the earliest chronological point they appear (which may well not be the earliest date of publication: I often write out of chronological sequence).   Other information is under spoiler tags. Just click on the text in the shaded bar (where it says "learn more" here in the example) to read them. In character bios, the "details" in the sidebar is another spoiler.  
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Here is what a spoiler looks like when you open it. Click on the title again to close it.
  However, I do assume (for ease of linking in some places) that it's not really a spoiler when two (or more) main characters in a romance end up together.  


  The Series and Arcs pages share ways to connect books together. Here you can find Timelines sharing information about publication order, just the dates of the books, the books along with related extras, or character events like births, marriages, and a few deaths.   This section also has pages to help you follow the stories of a few particular families. Under the "Arcs" section you'll find pages for the Carillon family, the Edgarton family, and the Fortier and Landry family. You can also explore all the books dealing with the Council arc and research and the Penelopes.   The Books in context page has a list of different identities, characteristics, and experiences and notes which books or characters are relevant. If you're looking for one of these (or would prefer to avoid that thing right now), this page will help you figure that out.  


  Check out the index of characters for a complete list of people with pages on the site. This includes every point of view character in books or extras, plus a number of recurring characters. You can also check out brief summaries on the recurring characters, Schola staff, and Council Members who have been mentioned so far.   If you'd like a shorter list to browse, each series page lists the characters who appear in that series (even very briefly).   The individual character pages are grouped by decade of birth to keep the lists a reasonable size.   Character pages include an image. (This is a suggestion, based on the description in text and what PortraitWorks can provide for images. If they look different in your head, that's fine!) They also have brief biographical information, links to other connected people like family members or mentors, and a list of key dates. These include births, marriages, births of children, and any book or extra where they're a point of view character.  


  Browse by the books in the series under the Books menu, or use the links in the sidebar of each book's page to move between books. Each book page has a brief summary of the book, significant character appearances (with links to their pages), the content note for the book, and  


  Here, you'll find articles about specific places in Albion, as well as links to maps. Of particular interest are Trellech and Schola. You can also find maps of the named demesne lands and their respective holders, and the portals we've named so far.   The map markers link to pages about each location (you can view these in a sidebar or click through to the full article, depending on your viewing device and preferences). These pages avoid plot spoilers for events in the book, but do mention if a location is key to a particular book.  


  The articles about magic explore different types of magic in Albion, as well as sharing information about how specific aspects work. Want to know more about The Pact and The Silence? Or how portals or the magical journals work? This is where to find all of that and more.  


  The Topics section covers a lot of other background information that isn't primarily magical - demographics of Albion, common titles and forms of address and so on.  


  The Organisations section includes secret societies, professional groups, and other ways people come together.  


  Explore different timelines for navigating through the events of the books, extras, and character lives.  


My covers are by Augusta Scarlett, and my theme design here was done by Oneriwien. The maps were created by MichaelMB.   Character portraits are via PortraitWorks.   My other images are via BookBrush, using stock images suitable to the location or topic.