Council Members

While I keep a complete list of Council members (from before the Great War through the 1940s), many of their names have not yet appeared in the books. This list focuses on the ones that have been mentioned so far in published works. Here they're listed in alphabetical order.   Click on the linked names for more details about a number of Council members.  

Alexander Landry

Challenged: 1897
A ritualist , duellist , and Materia specialist with a particular interest in naming magics and related workings. He is a member of Dius Fidius. Hespiridon relies on him as a war dog, sent to do whatever necessary distasteful tasks fall to the Council. He spent the War leading a small party on magical attacks that included Isembard Fortier and Perry Judson. After the War, spent until 1924 entirely away from Albion, dealing with Council matters mostly in the Commonwealth countries. Returned in 1924 due to curse damage to teach Ritual magic at Schola. Best Foot Forward finds him working with Geoffrey Carillon on a project of interest to the Council. (See his page for full details.) In Old As The Hills and Upon A Summer's Day he turns his focus to the needs of the Council during WW2. Fox House.  

Cyrus Smythe-Clive

Challenged: 1889
A specialist in Ritual magic, Theory, and Duelling. During the Great War, he had a role in Intelligence and Logistics. Member of Animus Mundi. During Old As The Hills and Upon A Summer's Day he rises to the challenge of holding things together through the challenges of WW2. (See his page for complete details.) Fox House.  

Drisella Martin

Challenged: 1863
Died 1926.
Specialist in magical research and theory, as well as Incantation. She had a particular interest in making sure the Fatae kept their side of The Pact. Her escritoire appears in Fool's Gold. Owl House.    

Garin Fortier 

  Challenged: 1907
Lord of Arundel, married to Livia Fortier (also a Council Member). He is the older brother of Isembard Fortier. Alchemist, and skilled duelist. He appears in Eclipse and With All Due Speed. His life changes dramatically as a result of the events of Old As The Hills. Fox House.  

Hesperidon Warren 

Challenged: 1883
Head of the Council: from 1896 
A charming and ruthless leader, specialist in Duelling and Incantation. He is married to Silvia Warren (who joins the Council in 1925), his third wife. They have one son, Claudio, and Hesperidon had no children with his first two wives. Fox House.  

Hestia Palgrave

Challenged: 1887
Retired: 1926
A resourceful mentor. Briefly appears in Eclipse in a discussion of the building of Dinas Emrys: The Council Keep, a particular interest of hers. Owl House .  

Livia Fortier 

Challenged: 1905
Dies: 1940
Intense and difficult to be around (her husband Garin and brother-in-law Isembard Fortier often find her so. As do many others.) Fierce, highly skilled duellist, with an interest in Materia and Martial magics. Member of Dius Fidius. She appears in Eclipse and With All Due Speed and is referenced in The Hare and the Oak. Her death takes place during Old As The Hills. Fox House.  

Mabyn Teague

Challenged: 1895
Specialist in Materia, with a strong background in Alchemy and Incantation. Member of Many Are The Waters. She has a circle of women among the Council she considers allies, including Silvia Warren (who she mentored), Hestia Palgrave, and Rhoda Morwen. (See her page for full details.) Owl House.  

Magister FitzAlan

Challenged: 1880
Retires: 1925
Specialist in Duelling, Warding, Protective, and Judicial magics. He collaborates with the Guard and judicial system around council matters, and appears in Pastiche (as well as a mention in The Fossil Door). Fox House.  

Malcolm Rolls

Challenged: 1927
Fair and consistent, Malcolm Rolls is the main contact between the Council and the Guard and Penelopes after Magister FitzAlan retires. He appears in Old As The Hills, assisting Cyrus. Bear House at Schola, specialist in Protective magics.  

Matthias Sisley

Challenged: 1908
Specialist in Materia. Gregarious, cheerful, optimist. Nephew of Lord Sisley and father of Orion Sisley. He appears briefly at a bohort match in Eclipse to see his son play. Fox House.  

Rhoda Morwen

Challenged: 1919
Incantation and Enchantment specialist. She and her husband have a rather modernised trendy home (they host one of the gatherings in Eclipse) and she is very future-focused.Owl House.  

Silvia Warren 

Challenged: 1925
A talented and innovative Alchemist, also skilled at Materia. Married to Hespiridon Warren, and mother of Claudio Warren. She is insightful and perceptive, and Orion Sisley at one point describes her as steadily good at what she does, but not showy. She was mentored by Mabyn Teague to succeed in her Challenge, and they are close friends despite a significant age difference. She is discussed several times in The Hare and the Oak. Fox House.