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Martial magics have a great deal to do with combat - both the more personal, and the larger sense, such as military applications. They can be (depending on the application) used on yourself or on others. Some of them are useful in bohort and pavo and they are of course a key part of duelling.  


Most commonly taught at Schola but also a key part of the Guard apprenticeship period. The skills are also widely taught by private duelling instructors.  


  • Methods of aiming or focusing an effect.
  • Causing damage magically.
  • Enhancing damage, pressure, or strength of a physical attack.
  • Helping someone have increased speed, energy, or strength
  • Benefits to other people fighting with you (greater accuracy, efficacy, etc.
  • A variety of methods for identifying enemy parties, tracking, and chasing.


Arthur Gospatrick talks about his experience in martial magic during the First Boer War and martial magic briefly in Forged in Combat. It is his specialty.  

Notable experts