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Golshan Soltani

Golshan Soltani's well-born family emigrated from Iran to Albion just before Golshan was of age to go to Schola. He has not lived up to his family's expectations.   He and Seth Wain were friends from their first day at Schola, and have remained so ever since.  


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Golshan has three older brothers and an older sister. He also has what we'd call ADHD, and he was constantly moving during his school years. Seth Wain helped him focus long enough to get through his school assignments, and he gained significant skills in Materia, Duelling, and Illusion work.   Before the Great War, he had found a position running a vaudeville theatre - a never-ending set of interesting challenges for him, and he genuinely likes and is interested by almost everyone if they'll give him a chance. In 1918, he was paralysed (a T6 injury) by a gun shot, discussed in Casting Nasturtiums, which is also about how Seth found him again, and what their life looks like now.

More about his theatre life is in Shoemaker's Wife.
Casting Nasturiums
Casting Nasturtiums is the story of Seth Wain finding Golshan after the War (the summer of 1919, when Seth is finally demobbed), and about the two of them - with Seth's wife Dilly - figuring out what their life looks like now.   After the events of the novella, Golshan focuses on helping other veterans who need support to access the services they deserve. Seth and several other crafters work out how to design a wheelchair that suits him properly, as well.
Shoemaker's Wife
In Shoemaker's Wife, Golshan helps Owen Hubbard get a job at the New Ricardian, where Golshan used to manage the vaudeville acts and still takes an interest. Golshan, Seth, and Dilly appear several times, Golshan most frequently. The book takes place about 7-12 months after the conclusion of Casting Nasturtiums.
With All Due Speed
Seth and Golshan talk with Thesan in With All Due Speed about her upcoming plans. (A later scene also has Thesan and Isembard discussing the meeting below.)
Tea and Meetings
Golshan also appears in Tea and Meetings, on Armstice Day 1925, talking to Isembard Fortier.
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Schola, Horse House


Partner of Seth and Dilly Wain
from 1919   Co-parent of their children
Linden (daughter)
Lars (son)
Aspen (daughter)
  Largely estranged from his birth family.


Vaudeville stage manager before the War   Veterans support from 1920