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Seth Wain

Seth Wain is a woodworker, specialising in furniture (chairs, beds, tables) and smaller items (cooking tools, bowls, boxes, chests). He attended Schola and was in Horse House, and his items usually include charms that improve the function in some way.   Seth is Thesan Wain's next oldest brother, and they are particularly close. He grew up on the small family holding in Cumbria, and has since taken over that house for his own growing family along with Seth's wife Dilly and his Golshan.  
Casting Nasturiums
Casting Nasturtiums begins with Seth tracking down his best friend, Golshan Soltani, injured a year previously during the Great War. Together - with Dilly - they figure out what their lives look like now, and what that means for their plans together.
Shoemaker's Wife
Seth appears later in Shoemaker's Wife as Dilly and Golshan help out with a couple of specific projects. The book takes place about 7-12 months after the conclusion of Casting Nasturtiums.
His sister Thesan talks with him twice during Eclipse.
With All Due Speed
Seth and Golshan talk with Thesan in With All Due Speed about her upcoming plans. (A later scene also has Thesan and Isembard discussing the meeting below.)
Tea and Meetings
He and Golshan Soltani appear in Tea and Meetings to help his sister out.
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Schola, Horse House


Marries Dilly Wain in 1913 Linden (daughter)
Lars (son)
Aspen (daughter)   Partners with Golshan Soltani from 1919