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Thesan Wain Fortier

Thesan Wain has been the astronomy professor at Schola since 1917. During her time there as a student, she was in Horse House.   She is the middle of seven children, closest to her next older brother Seth Wain. She and her siblings all attended Schola, but she is quite aware of what it took to get there.  
When Eclipse begins, she has been settled into teaching for a number of years. Last year, she and a new teacher, Isembard Fortier began marking at the pub together on Friday nights. When his former mentor Alexander Landry takes up a teaching post, the dynamics begin to change. Thesan and Isembard find themselves juggling all the usual chaos of the school year as well as mysterious activities of the students.   Reading from Thesan's point of view makes it clear that the world is sometimes too fast, too bright, and too loud for her (unlike stars, which are rather far away and don't change fast.) Thesan is somewhere on the autism spectrum, though it is not very obvious to people around her.
Tea and Meetings
A mailing list extra, Tea and Meetings is a series of scenes from Thesan and Isembard's lives before and after the events of Eclipse
Chasing Legends
In Chasing Legends, Isembard, Thesan, Ibis Ward and Pross Gates are drawn into one of the deep mysteries of Schola.
With All Due Speed
With All Due Speed is a mailing list extra following Thesan and Isembard from the point at which he asks if he may propose through the immediate aftermath of their wedding (summer through December 1925).
Best Foot Forward
During Best Foot Forward, Alexander Landry stays with Isembard and Thesan over the holidays, when he is feeling particularly out of sorts, as well as confusing them both a bit in the way he changes during the events of the book.
Interstitial Moments
Thesan is one of the point of view characters in Insterstitial Moments (the section called "Precession"), as she and Isembard sort out the changes to Alexander in 1935 and what it means for their friendships.
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