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Livia Alvey Fortier

Livia began life as an Alvey, an old and esteemed (also feared) family among the Great Familes of Albion. She attended Schola as one of Fox House's elite, and joined Dius Fidius in her second year. Her specialties involve duelling, martial magic, and Materia.   While the family is rather in decline in the current generation, Livia still married well, marrying Garin Fortier in 1903.   Livia successfully made a challenge for the Council in 1905, about eighteen months after Garin's original failed challenge. He joined her on the Council in 1907.   Livia is intense and difficult to be around (Garin and his brother Isembard both find her so, anyway.) She and Garin spend their married lives in different wings of the main estate at Arundel, occasionally meeting in the middle for a meal.  
During Eclipse Isembard Fortier begins to introduce Thesan Wain around, bringing her to the Winter Solstice Council events, Livia is entirely dubious.
With All Due Speed
Livia has a particular amusement at Thesan scoring a point on Garin at one point during the run up to Thesan and Isembard's wedding.
The Hare and the Oak
Livia is referenced in The Hare and the Oak by Cyrus Smythe-Clive and Mabyn Teague as a fellow Council member.
Old As The Hills
Livia and her husband Garin Fortier go to Paris during June of 1940 as the German army advances to the city in Old As The Hills. They are working to get magical treasures out of the city to safety, and Livia choses to die fighting.
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Married name

Livia Fortier
Lady Fortier from 1913


Schola, Fox House


Dius Fidius


Marries Garin Fortier in 1903


Council Member from 1905
  Lady from 1913