Claudio Warren

Claudio Warren is the only child of Hesperidon Warren and his third wive, Silvia. Hesperidon became a member of the Council in 1883, and was Head of the Council from 1896 until his death in 1932. Silvia became a member of the Council in 1925, while Claudio was at Schola.   Like both his parents, Claudio was part of Fox House. With Orion Sisley, Claudio was a particular charge of Isembard Fortier.   During that time, Claudio became close friends with Orion, and by the end of Claudio's third year, they were chosen brothers, united against the world. Claudio's good sense and ability to read social situations were balanced by Orion's desire to do something meaningful (if not always in the most useful way).   Once Claudio and Orion left school, Isembard and his wife Thesan Wain became welcoming and trusted friends. Claudio apprenticed in Incantation magics, is a competent ritual, and regularly turns up for duelling bouts with Isembard, Orion, and other skilled duellists (and holds his own).   Claudio married Electra Castleton in 1929. His son, Tiberius, was born in 1931. His daughter Minerva was born in 1939. His mother would very much like Claudio to challenge for the Council himself, and Claudio has not yet made the attempt as of 1945 and Illusion of a Boar.  
During Eclipse, Claudio is still figuring out how to navigate his social position and find his footing as a young adult. He helps model different approaches for Orion.
Illusion of a Boar
When Illusion of a Boar opens, Claudio has spent the past months working on a similar project up north. He's delighted to be reunited with his chosen brother Orion Sisley, but the rest of the project has so many challenges. Those are only complicated further by a conversation with Gabriel Edgarton that turns everything Claudio had considered for his life on its head.
As The Ground Shifts
As The Ground Shifts follows Claudio and Orion through the tail end of Illusion of a Boar, including Claudio and Gabe having an epic conversation.
The Magic of Four
Claudio has a converation that makes Avigail think, and then helps investigate a discovery at the end of the book, both as Gabe's apprentice.
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Schola, Fox House


Son of Hesperidon and Silvia Warren   Marries Electra Castleton in 1929 Tiberius (son)   Chosen brother of Orion Sisley


Incantation and related specialist
Involved in magical research during WW2

Mentored by Isembard Fortier