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As The Ground Shifts

"As The Ground Shifts" is an extra for Illusion of the Boar and Three Graces.

Cover of Illusion of a Boar: Two silhouetted men and women standing at a table, on a ground of deep gold with an astrological chart behind them.

  "As The Ground Shifts" is an extra for Illusion of a Boar and Three Graces. It takes place between April of 1944 and August of 1945.   Read on for more details about who's involved.  

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Why this story?

In short, I wanted to know a lot more about the transition for Orion Sisley and Claudio Warren between the events of Illusion of a Boar and the end of Three Graces. (And also, I had to work out the details in part 6, so I knew what various characters have in terms of that information going forward.)  


Gabe and Isembard Talk

April 11th, 1944 at Schola   Gabriel Edgarton turns up unexpectedly at Schola to talk with Isembard Fortier about an upcoming conversation.  

Thesan and Isembard get correspondence

May 10th, 1944 at Schola   Thesan Wain talks to her husband Isembard about two letters he's just received.  

Solstice evening

June 21st, 1944 at Fairlight   Orion talks to his mother after the summer solstice Council rites.  

A duel at Veritas

April 12th, 1945 at Veritas.   Orion duels Gabe at Veritas, as Gabe gathers information for an upcoming project. Also contains Claudio, Hypatia Ward, Cammie Gates, and Magni Torham with a brief appearance by Gil Oxley.  

End of the War Approaches

April 15th, 1945 at Schola   Claudio, Orion, Thesan, and Isembard talk about the approaching end of the war in Europe and plans for the aftermath.  

A Guest House in Munich

August 9th and 10th, 1945 in Munich   Gabe and Claudio have an epic all-night conversation while working in Munich. The next day, Orion demands to know more of the details.
As The Ground Shifts: An extra for Illusion of a Boar and Three Graces

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