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During the 1925-1925 school year at Schola, Thesan Wain (Astronomy professor) and Isembard Fortier (Protective magics professor) have settled into a comfortable routine. Teaching, marking, and a drink down at a pub down in the village on Saturday evenings. They get on well.   When Isembard's former mentor, Alexander Landry is a last minute addition to the staff as the Ritual professor, Thesan is glad to explain a few things about the school to him. Before long, Thesan and Isembard become aware of some odd - odder than usual - student behaviour, and need to figure out what's going on around their various other obligations, a theatrical revue, and the coming eclipse.   
Content notes for Eclipse (click to read)
Hero served in the Great War, with lasting curse damage and deep regrets about some of the actions he took (not described in detail). Issues of class, particularly around what family background, and privilege mean for education and opportunity. Academic politics, including an unpleasant faculty meeting. Friends to lovers trope.

Notable people

Thesan Wain (main)
Isembard Fortier (main)
Alexander Landry (secondary)
Seth Wain (minor)
Many and varied teachers and students at Schola   Also: Members of the The Council, socialites, and astronomers.


Schola : Cumbria : Various house parties
Related books
The extra Tea and Meetings shares various events in Isembard and Thesan's lives before and after the events of Eclipse.   The extra With All Due Speed covers the period from before Isembard proposes until their wedding. Thesan and Isembard have an adventure for their first anniversary in Chasing Legends, a novella.
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Cover of Eclipse, with a man and woman wearing academic robes in silhouette on a twilight blue and sunset orange background. She is gesturing up toward the sky. A telescope is inset in the top left.

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