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Mysterious Powers series

The Mysterious Powers series focuses on how the Great War affected people in the institutional structures of Albion. The books can be read in any order.   Fool's Gold does contain spoilers for the events of Seven Sisters.  

Cover of Forged in Combat. A man and a woman in silhouette on a teal green background. She is wearing a Victorian bustle dress, his clothing fits with military uniform of the time. A bright red hibiscus highlights the top corner of the cover.

Forged in Combat

  1882   A prequel novella set in India as Arthur and Melusina lend their skills to a problem.

Cover of Carry On, a nurse and man in silhouette walking together, her arm through his on a mauve background. Yarn and knitting needles are inset in the top left.


Carry On 

  1915   Roland and Elen are confused by Roland's treatment at the Temple of Healing.

The Fossil Door

  1922   Gabe and Rathna investigate a failed portal in Glencoe, Scotland.

Cover of Eclipse, with a man and woman wearing academic robes in silhouette on a twilight blue and sunset orange background. She is gesturing up toward the sky. A telescope is inset in the top left.


  1924-25 school year   Isembard and Thesan tackle the challenges of a year at Schola.

Fool's Gold

  1926   Robin meets Beatrice, and they are thrown into solving a problem affecting the Scali banking family

The Hare and the Oak

  1926   Cyrus and Mabyn explore solutions to a key problem with the land magic in Suffolk.

Point By Point

  1926   Galen helps with Lydia investigations for a newspaper story.

Mistress of Birds

  1927   When Thalia takes care of a remote house on the edge of Dartmoor, she and Adam discover the house has secrets.

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