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Beatrice Stafford

Beatrice Stafford is a daughter of the Scali family, one of the three main magical banks in Albion. She handles many of their records, including inventory of the deep vaults and some of the magics related to that.  


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Beatrice has an inter-generational curse that also affected her grandmother and great-great-grandmother. It makes her effectively invisible (in all senses) to anyone outside her family. (They notice she's there and won't run into her physically, but they immediately forget her presence or any interaction.) However, some of the family magics depend on her getting married, which is obviously a challenge.   In the course of Fool's Gold, she finds a suitable resolution to this.

Appears In

Fool's Gold‌ (main)

Fool's Gold
At the beginning of Fool's Gold, Beatrice has - despite being cursed with invisibilty outside her family - made a good life for herself. She honestly loves her work, including her visits to Emrys and George in the deep vaults. However, there are family magics she can't take over as things are.   When a charming man begins courting her cousin Perla, and Beatrice is intrigued by the foppish and perhaps flighty man who actually sees her, she has some choices to make about what to do next.
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Privately educated


Partner of Robin Aelfdane from 1926
  Part of the extended Scali banking family


Banker, part of the Scali Bank