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Fool's Gold

In 1926, Robin Aelfdane is finally able to build a new life after the events of Seven Sisters. When he returns to Trellech , he is intrigued when he overhears a conversation about paint pigments.   After a visit to a local cafe, he realises most people don't notice Beatrice Stafford. His investigation of why brings him into the orbit of the Scali family, a perky dragon, and into the middle of several different plots. Full of art and colour.  
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Hero is a villain redeemed (he features in Seven Sisters). Heroine has a hereditary curse she has complicated feelings about. Discussion of gender roles and family obligations.

Notable people

Beatrice Stafford (main)
Robin Aelfdane (main)
Vivian Porter (secondary)
  Also Emrys (custos dragon), George, various Aunts, Cousins, and members of the Scali family.


Trellech : Scali Bank : country estates
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Seven Sisters has the tale of Robin's disgrace, now you've read his redemption.
Cover of Fool's Gold. A silohoutted man and woman turn toward each other on a brilliant green and purple background. He wears a long jacket, his back to the viewer, while she faces the viewer in a 1920s dress. A pile of coins is inset in the top left.

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