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Scali Bank

The Scali banking family have two adjoining large buildings next to each other, in the Crafting quarter just east of Portal Square. Both date from the 1450s, with additions over the centuries, so they always have the both the latest conveniences and the best security.   The bank has a large area with protected areas for transactions, smaller holding vaults, and shares a private portal with the other two banking families in Trellech for secure connections to banks in other places and to the Scali vaults, in caves east across the Severn.   Many of the Scali family live together in the house, sharing meals, and educating the children of the house. Most people have their own suite of rooms with sleeping, working, and bathing space.   Much of the interior of both spaces can be seen in Fool's Gold, as Beatrice Stafford is a daughter of the Scali family.

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