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Robin Aelfdane

Robin Aelfdane is an art and antiques dealer in public - and a number of other things in private. A lover of colour, paint, and all things decorative, he also deeply yearns to connect more deeply with the Fatae of deep history.   He was largely raised in France, by his mother, who loved the company of artists, musicians, and other creative and free-spirited folk. Robin returned to Albion after her death, establishing a reputation as a dealer in beautiful objects.  

Family background

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Robin is one of the Cousins, the human lines descended from the Grandmothers, seven of the Fatae. The Cousins manage various liminal spaces of Albion, where the Fatae lands touch with the human physical world. As with most of the Cousins, Robin is older than he looks - born in 1883, he's in his 40s but looks more like early 30s.

Appears In

Wards of the Roses
Seven Sisters
Fool's Gold‌ (main)

Wards of the Roses
When Giles Lefton and Kate Davies are deciding on which specialists get access to the house at the end of the book, they mention Robin's interview briefly.
Seven Sisters
Robin has been living at Thebes, a manor house turned academic boarding house near Oxford for some months when his Cousin Vivian Porter arrives to (secretly) investigate some unusual events at the request of Farran Michaels (one of the family who owns the house.)   As events unfold, it becomes clear that Robin is behind many of the strange occurances. At the end of the book, he is taken in hand by his Aunts and extended family.
Fool's Gold
Years after the events of Seven Sisters, Robin has finally been released by his Aunts to resume his life. He has every intention of behaving himself (mostly), but then he overhears two people discussing a spot of forgery. While he's following them, he notices people react to Beatrice Stafford oddly.   That leads to a spot of his own forgery, a trap to catch a con artist, and Robin figuring out how to grow up and be a decent partner to Beatrice.
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Privately educated


Partner of Beatrice Stafford from 1926


Artist, art and antiques dealer
Occasional forger