Adam Walton


Family background

Adam Walton comes from a family who made their money as grocers. He attended Snap, with a particular interest in long-term horticultural planning and healthy crops.   He is one of the main characters in the forthcoming Mistress of Birds.   learn more
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Appears In

Mistress of Birds

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As Mistress of Birds begins, Adam has had a long hard decade. He enlisted in 1914, was made a temporary gentleman (an officer) in 1916, and in 1917 was sent home with disabling shell shock. He was sent from place to place, with some improvement - but not nearly enough by his famiy's standards. As the book begins, he's been sent off to help his Uncle Benjamin, as his uncle is recovering from a bad leg break.



Born: 1894   Family:
  • Thalia Morgan (partner)
  • Benjamin Walton (uncle)
  • Parents and siblings
  Profession: Disabled by shell shock
(well before the beginning of the book)   Education: Snap