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Roland Gospatrick

Roland Gospatrick has grown up expecting to follow his father into military service. At the start of the Great War, his father is the liasion between Albion's fighting forces and the non-magical British military. Roland enlists, and serves with the King's Bays doing reconnaissance and message duty.   His parents, Arthur and Melusina Gospatrick,¬†are high-ranking and respected specialists in Albion. At the time of Carry On, Arthur holds the rank of Major-General, and his mother is one of the top consultants in Protective magic.  

Appears In

Carry On (main)
Casting Nasturtiums

Carry On
Carry On is what happens after he's injured badly at the Battle of Ypres in late 1914. When he becomes aware of things again, he is a patient in a private room at the Temple of Healing and he feels awful.   It's not just his physical injuries - those are healing - but he can't think straight and he never has the same nurse for long. When Elen becomes his nurse, she realises something is terribly wrong with his care, and together they begin to sort out what happened, why he hasn't heard from his family, and what needs to happen.
Casting Nasturtiums
Roland speaks to Golshan Soltani once Golshan has arrived at the Gospatrick care home in Casting Nasturtiums. By this point, he and Elen have been married for several years, and he is working to offer better coordination of care and assistance following magical injury.
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Schola, Fox House


Son of Arthur
& Melusina Gospatrick
  Marries Elen Morris in 1918
Everley (son)


Soldier, Army trainer, Consultant