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Arthur Gospatrick

Arthur Gospatrick comes from a long line of military men, and he does his best to live up to the expectations. He attended Schola, in Boar House like many of his father's line.   Following his schooling, he apprenticed in Martial magic, and served in the First Boer War, India, and several other locations around the Empire (or its military endeavours), before taking up a long-term position coordinating magical military service, rising to the rank of Major-General before the Great War.   He is married to Melusina Gospatrick, and they have two children, Roland Gospatrick and Eleanor Gospatrick who died as a young child.  

Appears In

Forged in Combat‌ (main)
Carry On

Forged In Combat
Forged in Combat is a novella about Melusina and Arthur's romance. It takes place in 1882, in Calcutta, India, where Arthur has been posted as a Captain in the British Army.
Carry On
When Roland is injured in 1915 as Carry On begins, Arthur is tremendously busy coordinating military service for those with magic. The fact neither he nor Melusina can learn anything about Roland's injuries leads them to collaborate on a way to learn more - and help figure out exactly what's going on.
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Schola, Boar House


Marries Melusina Gospatrick in 1883
Roland Gospatrick (son)
Eleanor Gospatrick
(daughter, died young)



Major General in Carry On
Coordinating between
Albion and non-magical forces