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Carry On

In the spring of 1915, Elen Morris returns from nursing at the front due to ongoing migraines from a head injury during a bombardment. There, she is assigned to tend to an unusual patient, Roland Gospatrick. When no one is willing to tell her about his case, the details of his treatment, or his prognosis, she takes it on herself to do her job properly and find out what's going on. With Roland's active cooperation, eventually.  
Content notes for Carry On (click to read)
Set in 1915, early in the Great War: multiple discussions (non-graphic) of injuries, new kinds of injuries, and other implications of the war. Hero was injured in the First Battle of Ypres in late 1914, the heroine has had a traumatic brain injury and continuing migraines. Both are new to dealing with these issues. Various attitudes of healers and nursing staff, some of whom are much more helpful than others. No on-page sex.

Notable people

Elen Morris (main)
Roland Gospatrick (main)
Rhoe Belisama (secondary)
Melusina Gospatrick (secondary)
Arthur Gospatrick (secondary)
  Also friends (Amet Salah and Treeve Dixon), a number of nursing sisters and healer staff, and various Army officers.
Related books
Forged in Combat has the romance of Arthur and Melusina, Roland's parents.   Roland appears (and Elen is mentioned) in a chapter of Casting Nasturtiums.
Cover of Carry On, a nurse and man in silhouette walking together, her arm through his on a mauve background. Yarn and knitting needles are inset in the top left.

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