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Melusina Whymark Gospatrick

Melusina was born in Bombay, India, as the daughter of a career Colonial Service officer. She attended Schola in Bear House, and after she left school, apprenticed in Protective magic, specifically warding.   Since then, she's taken up a variety of short-term consulting positions around the Empire, shoring up protections, coming up with unique designs to solve problems, and generally being more stylish, skilled, and just plain right than anyone else in the room.  

Appears In

Forged in Combat (main)
Carry On
Forged in Combat
Forged in Combat is a novella about Melusina and Arthur's romance. It takes place in 1882, when Melusina has completed her apprenticeship and travels to Calcutta for a particular assignment.
Carry On
At the beginning of Carry On, Melusina is abroad, helping with the War effort. When her son Roland Gospatrick is injured (and is incommunicado in the Temple of Healing), she and Arthur need to figure out what's going on, and why Roland isn't talking to them.
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Married name

Melusina Gospatrick


Schola , Bear House


Marries Arthur Gospatrick in 1883
Roland Gospatrick (son)
Eleanor Gospatrick
(daughter, died young)


Warding specialist