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Casting Nasturtiums

When Seth Wain is finally demobbed in June 1919, after the War, he has a burning need to find out what happened to his best friend, Golshan Soltani. But just finding Golshan isn't enough. Together, they - and Seth's wife, Dilly Wain - must figure out what their lives look like now.   This novella (about 30,000 words) is found in the novella collection Winter's Charms.  
Content notes for Casting Nasturtiums (click to read)
Polyamorous MMF romance. One character was paralysed due to injury in the Great War. He also has ADHD (or as he would say, bees in his head.) Includes brief nastiness from a family member, and familial neglect of one character.

Notable people

Seth Wain (main, POV)
Golshan Soltani (main, POV)
Dilly Wain (main, non-POV)
  Also, Seth's parents and siblings (including Thesan Wain), and Roland Gospatrick.


An unnamed non-magical care home, The Gospatrick Home, and the Wain family home including the orchards in Cumbria.  
Related books
Golshan, Dilly, and Seth appear in Shoemaker's Wife. Thesan Wain (Seth's sister) and her eventual husband Isembard Fortier appear in a number of books.   Roland and his wife Elen have their romance in 1915 in Carry On.
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