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Dilly Wain

Dilly Wain was born into a merchant family with expectations. She's much happier living in Cumbria, near Lake Windermere, managing her husband's business, a small farm, and a pile of children and cousins.   Dilly attended Schola where she was a year behind Seth Wain and Golshan Soltani in Horse House.  

Appears In

Casting Nasturtiums‌ (significant, non-POV)
Shoemaker's Wife
Casting Nasturiums
In June of 1919, Casting Nasturtiums opens with Seth Wain coming home from the war, finally demobbed, and desperate to find out what happened to his best friend, Golshan Soltani.   Dilly is all for this, supporting Seth (and Golshan) as they figure out what their lives look like after the War. The way there has a few surprises for Dilly as well, rather pleasant ones.
Shoemaker's Wife
Dilly appears in Shoemaker's Wife with both Golshan and Seth at various points, helping sort out a number of familial needs. The book takes place about 7-12 months after the conclusion of Casting Nasturtiums.
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Married name

Dilly Wain


Schola, Horse House


Marries Seth Wain in 1913
Linden (daughter)
Lars (son)
Aspen (daughter)
  Partners with Golshan Soltani from 1919


Housewife, bookkeeper