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Horse House

One of the seven Schola houses. The house magics focus on endurance, hard work, and loyalty. They gather in The Field, one of the House clubs in Trellech's Club Row.   During Eclipse, Linta Argonne is Horse's Head of House.  

Colours and symbols

  • Colours: Gold and green
  • Stone: Green stone - emerald, jade, green garnet, malachite, or green topaz.
  • Heraldry: vert a horse salient or

About the house

"A lot of the house magics are things you do together, to make things flow right. They’re nothing flashy, but the things that help.” She pauses. “That’s where I learned a bit about fixing things. It’s a Horse magic, that.”
  Seth Wain and Golshan Soltani also talk about it at some length in Casting Nasturtiums.  

Notable characters