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Schola House clubs

Each of the seven Schola¬†Houses maintains its own club building in Trellech. These provide continuing space for connections between members of the House, sharing techniques related to the House magics, and ongoing learning and research. Membership is automatic once someone leaves school.¬†  

The Boar's Head

The club for members of Boar House.   Decorated in lots of red brocade and wood panelling.  

The Cave

For those from Bear House. A number of quieter and dimly lit spaces, lots of deep blue, and suprisingly restful.  

The Field

The Horse House club, decorated in shades of green, lighter coloured wood, and white. The food runs to solid and tasty country food, with an excellent beer, ale, and cider list.   Golshan Soltani, Seth Wain, Isembard Fortier and others meet there during Tea and Meetings after Armstice Day. They were very willing to put in a ramp for Golshan's chair.  

The Fox's Den

For Fox House, and rather more formal than many of the other House clubs. There are a number of smaller rooms for making deals and building more specific connections.   Giles Lefton and Kate Davies visit in Wards of the Roses  

The Owlery

For Owl House. As you'd expect, it has an excellent library, and lots of study spaces. They also have a regular rotation of interesting lectures on every area of knowledge you might want.  

The Shore

The Trellech club for Seal House. They also maintain a small manor house on the Scottish coast.  

The Stream

For Salmon House.   Their small dining room has an Escher-esque print of fish swimming on the curtains in gold and blue, which Geoffrey Carillon finds a little disturbing during a visit in Goblin Fruit.   There are small cheap overnight rooms on the fourth floor - washbasin, bathroom down the hall. (And more expensive en-suite rooms on the third floor.)