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Outcrossing tells the story of Ferry Wright and Rufus Pride. It takes place in the magical community of the New Forest in England in April and May of 1922.   Ferry Wright comes from a good family who want her to marry well - by their definition. Refusing to marry the older and distasteful man they chose for her, she has been working as a governess since the fall of 1920. Once spring arrives, she can finally begin to explore True Eyeworth, the nearby magical village. There, Rufus Pride saves one of her charges from a cranky pony, and they begin talking.   Rufus is down to his last few coins, and not sure what else he can do when one of the smugglers based near the village offers him a job he can't turn down. It would bring him enough money to mend his family cottage, and just maybe build a life with Ferry.  
Content notes for Outcrossing (click to read)
Brief references to and ongoing implications of family deaths in the 1918 flu pandemic as well as in the Great War. Post-traumatic stress disorder including flashbacks. Kidnapping and implied violence. Death of minor characters (off screen).

Notable People

Ferry Wright (main)
Rufus Pride (main)
Geoffrey Carillon (secondary)
Pross Gates (secondary)
Kate Lefton (secondary)
Richard Edgarton (minor)   Also Johnny Alder, various children, assorted smugglers, and two New Forest ponies.


True Eyeworth and Ytene
in the New Forest
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Cover of Outcrossing. A silhouetted man and woman in 1920s clothing standing next to each other, silhouetted on a green background. A chestnut pony's head is inset in the top right.

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