Ancient Trust

This prequel novella begins when Geoffrey Carillon realises his brother has died, and he has inherited the land magic obligations. He and Thomas Benton must return to Albion and figure out how to build a life there, very different from the one either of them had expected, as well as try and figure out why Temple Carillon died.   This is an extra for my mailing list. The link in the sidebar will help you get a copy. If you're already on my mailing list, look for the link just under the header image on any email since June 2022.   

Notable people

Geoffrey Carillon (main)
Thomas Benton (main)
Giles Lefton (secondary)
Alysoun Edgarton (secondary)
Richard Edgarton (secondary)
Hippolyta FitzRanulf (secondary)
Gabriel Edgarton (briefly)



Nairobi, Kenya; Hawk's Breath, Ytene
A man in silhouette with a monocle leaning on a table stacked with books, an eagle-owl inset in the corner.
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