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Ancient Trust

This prequel novella begins when Geoffrey Carillon realises his brother has died, and he has inherited the land magic obligations. He and Thomas Benton must return to Albion and figure out how to build a life there, very different from the one either of them had expected, as well as try and figure out why Temple Carillon died.   This is an extra for my newsletter, who are a patron of any level on Patreon, or who are part of the Albion's Delight Discord. Read on if you're already one of those places.   You can get a copy of Ancient Trust here. (it will sign you up for my newsletter. You can unsubscribe any time, but I hope you'll stick around for more extras and news.)   If you've already joined me somewhere, thank you! You can get a copy from the header and footer of any of my newsletters (where it says "Albion Extras"), via Patreon in the "Completed Extras" collection, or in the #releases-and-extras channel on the Discord.  
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Ancient Trust deals with Carillon coming to grips with the death of his brother. Contains references to grief, family complexities, and navigating the world after the Great War, but it is focused on generative and rebuilding tasks.


Nairobi, Kenya; Hawk's Breath, Ytene
Learn more about the Carillon family arc including a list of all the related books and a timeline of events.
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