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Carillon family

Geoffrey Carillon comes from a longstanding landing family. The Carillons have held the land magic for the northern half of the New Forest for centuries, centered on Ytene.   A number of books and extras deal with the Carillons, with more to come. In chronological order, they involve:

The cover of Bound for Perdition has a man and woman silhouetted in dark brown on a green and brown background, with the woman holding a book while the man gestures. An open blank book and pen are inset in the top right corner.

Bound For Perdition

  1917   Temple Carillon (Geoffrey's older brother) is a secondary character.   Geoffrey makes a very brief appearance.

Ancient Trust

  1922   After Temple's death, Geoffrey inherits the land magic and returns to Albion with Thomas Benton, his valet.   He reconnects with an old friend (Giles Lefton) and makes new alliances with Richard and Alysoun Edgarton.   Overlaps with the events of Outcrossing.

Cover of Outcrossing. A silhouetted man and woman in 1920s clothing standing next to each other, silhouetted on a green background. A chestnut pony's head is inset in the top right.


  1922   Geoffrey is a secondary character.   Overlaps with the events of Ancient Trust.

Seeking A Wife
(forthcoming extra)

  1922-1923   Geoffrey considers his marital options.  

Goblin Fruit

  1924   While investigating a mysterious and dangerous golden drink, Geoffrey meets Lizzie Penhallow. Their romance ensues.

Unexplored Territory (extra)

  1925   An extra for Goblin Fruit and On The Bias, during Geoffrey and Lizzie's engagement.


Cover of On The Bias. A man and woman in 1920s clothing are silhouetted against a pale green, yellow, and purple background. A brightly coloured rooster is inset in the top right.

On The Bias

  1925   Set during Geoffrey and Lizzie's engagement. Cassie Jones discovers some nasty gossip about Geoffrey and brings it to Benton's attention.


Best Foot Forward

  1935   Geoffrey needs Alexander Landry's help getting an alchemist out of Germany.   Lizzie is a secondary character. Their children Edmund, Merry, and Rosalba appear briefly.   Discussion of Temple's death.


Nocturnal Quarry

  1938   Alexander must travel to America for the summer.   Geoffrey and Lizzie are secondary characters.

Upon A Summer's Day

  1940, immediately following Old As The Hills   Gabe's answer to a particular question.   Geoffrey and Alexander assist in parts of the problem (and are both point of view characters.)


Three Graces

  1945, after the end of the war in Europe.

Lizzie, Alysoun, and Thesan tackle an old mystery in hopes of justice and answers.

Four students in silhouette on a blue background of a map off the west coast of Wales. Three stand around a table, the fourth is perched on the near corner, leaning forward and gesturing.

The Magic of Four

  September 1946 through June 1947   Four students - including Ros Carillon - navigate their second year at Schola. (With a few appearances by other Carillons and Benton.)  

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