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Thomas Benton

Thomas Benton entered service as a hallboy in a country house from the time he was 13, rising to the role of footman with a cadet line of an aristocratic family in Kent. When the Great War began, he enlisted early, and was assigned as Geoffrey Carillon's batman (or valet). Benton was invalided out after the Battle of Mons, and not too long after that, Carillon began intelligence work, and hired Benton as his valet.   Benton is what we'd identify today as autistic - Carillon's clear expectations and guidance are a great reassurance to him, and the framework of service has given him a structure in which he can excel. In that context, he can be fearless and stubbornly creative in pusuit of his goals.   After the War, Carillon travelled extensively, with Benton at his side arranging all of the practical details. Their journeys took them to Nepal, Arunchal Pradesh (parts of modern northern India and Tibet), and Brazil, as well as various points in Africa. They were in Kenya about to begin journeys in Africa in 1921 when Carillon's brother died, and he had to return to pick up the land obligations.   Once they were settled at Ytene, the demesne estate, Benton turned his attention to hiring staff and making necessary repairs to the house and lands. Benton appears in Goblin Fruit.  
Ancient Trust
In Ancient Trust, Benton returns to Albion with Geoffrey Carillon when Carillon inherits the title on his brother's sudden death. He is invaluable in bringing Ytene to better order and beginning to establish their lives in Albion.
Goblin Fruit
Benton appears throughout Goblin Fruit as Carillon's valet and right hand.
On The Bias
At the beginning of On The Bias, Cassie Jones overhears some distressing gossip about Geoffrey Carillon, one of her best (and most enjoyable) customers.   Although she and Benton have butted heads (over matters of colour naming and oither details) she approaches him with the information, and together they end up working out what's going on, (largely) foiling a lethal plot, and rearranging their lives to allow them both time for a relationship. Benton sees his Lordship and her Ladyship through their honeymoon in late 1925, and on their return to England takes up a new role as Carillon's steward.
Unexplored Territory
Unexplored Territory is a mailing list extra, the adventures of Lizzie and Geoffrey Carillon during the events of On The Bias.
Interstitial Moments
In the aftermath of Best Foot Forward, Benton has some questions about how things should be going forward in Insterstitial Moments, in the section "Annotation".




Marries Cassie Jones in 1927


Right-hand man
for Geoffrey Carillon   Valet (through 1925)
Steward at Ytene from 1926