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On The Bias

On The Bias takes place in the spring and summer of 1925. The preparations for Lord Geoffrey Carillon's upcoming wedding make a great deal of work for his valet Thomas Benton. They also bring him into contact with the talented but often infuriating dressmaker, Castalia Jones.   When Cassie overhears a piece of gossip, she feels she must bring it to Benton, no matter how disapproving he will be. Once she does, it sets a whole arc in motion, including three dangerous birds, a masked ball, and all sorts of magic and plots Cassie never expected.  
Content notes for On The Bias (click to read)
Autistic hero. Cock-fighting (not described in detail, but includes a character getting injured). Treason (stealing swans). Criminal acts leading to a dangerous and potentially lethal attack on a secondary character.

Notable people

Cassie Jones (main)
Geoffrey Carillon
Lizzie Penhallow
Kate Davies
Giles Lefton
Alysoun Edgarton
Richard Edgarton
  Also: various other crafters, smugglers, guests at parties, and spectators.

Related books
Benton and Carillon return to Albion in 1922 in Ancient Trust, while Goblin Fruit is Carillon's romance with Lizzie. Benton and Cassie appear briefly in Best Foot Forward.   Unexplored Territory is an extra for both Goblin Fruit and On The Bias.
Cover of On The Bias. A man and woman in 1920s clothing are silhouetted against a pale green, yellow, and purple background. A brightly coloured rooster is inset in the top right.

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