On The Bias

On The Bias takes place in the spring and summer of 1925. The preparations for Lord Geoffrey Carillon's upcoming wedding make a great deal of work for his valet Thomas Benton. They also bring him into contact with the talented but often infuriating dressmaker, Castalia Jones.   When Cassie overhears a piece of gossip, she feels she must bring it to Benton, no matter how disapproving he will be. Once she does, it sets a whole arc in motion, including three dangerous birds, a masked ball, and all sorts of magic and plots Cassie never expected.    

Content notes

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Autistic hero. Cock-fighting (not described in detail, but includes a character getting injured). Treason (stealing swans). Criminal acts leading to a dangerous and potentially lethal attack on a secondary character.

Notable people

Cassie Jones (main)
Geoffrey Carillon (secondary)
Lizzie Penhallow (secondary)
Kate Davies (minor)
Giles Lefton (minor)
Alysoun Edgarton (minor)
Richard Edgarton (minor)
  Also: various other crafters, smugglers, guests at parties, and spectators.

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