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Goblin Fruit

Goblin Fruit begins in the spring of 1924. Lizzie Penhallow meets Geoffrey Carillon when he turns up while she is preparing for an estate auction. When it turns out they are investigating the same mysterious and possibly deadly magical drink, they must work together to figure out what is going on.   Lizzie Penhallow has had a rough few years. Her father and uncle disappeared while on an expedition, leaving Lizzie and her sister Laura without money or resources - or even able to ask for help. Laura has recovered from a decade in and out of tuberculosis sanitaria, but she has little work history - so maybe the office job she found will help.   For his part, Geoffrey Carillon inherited his title with the sudden and unexpected death of his older brother in 1922. He knows he needs to marry, but none of the eligible well-bred women he's met have interested him. At the same time, his love for the family estate, Ytene means he needs to do something to protect the land and the land magic for the next generation.    
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Post-traumatic stress disorder including disassociation. Addictive magical drink that causes dreams of distant places. Miscommunication leading to emotional difficulties. Secondary character who has survived tuberculosis.

Notable people

Lizzie Penhallow (main)
Geoffrey Carillon (main)
Laura Penhallow (secondary)
Vivian Porter (secondary)
Thomas Benton (secondary)
Kate Lefton (minor)
Rufus Pride (minor)
  Also Iolo ap Rhys and the staff of the Treaties and Materia office of the Ministry , The Belin, and a number of guests at house parties.


Ytene in the New Forest : Trellech : various parties
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Ancient Trust follows Carillon and Benton as they return to Albion. On The Bias takes place during Carillon and Lizzie's engagement, while Unexplored Territory is an extra during this period from Carillon and Lizzie's point of view.   Best Foot Forward, Old As The Hills, and Upon A Summer's Day all include Geoffrey and Lizzie later in their lives.
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Cover of Goblin Fruit. A man and woman in 1920s dress are silhouetted on a glowing red and golden yellow background. She turns toward him and he holds her hand. A bottle of golden liquid is inset in the top right corner.

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