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The Ministry Quarter

Albion has its own Ministry, distinct from the United Kingdom. It is based in Trellech, covering most of the bottom quarter of the city. The Ministry quarter includes the Guard Hall and Guard offices and barracks, the Halls of Justice, as well as Ministry offices, warehouses, etc.   See Government for more about Albion's government.   


  • First Minister
  • Minister of Materia (magical materials: lots of overlap with Flora and Fauna)
  • Minister of the Treasury
  • Minister of Hearth and Home (includes health and safety standards, healing, etc.)
  • Minister of Outside the Borders (diplomacy and colonial services)
  • Minister of Education (four major divisions: Children, Schools, Apprentices, and Skills, which covers adult learning and re-training).
  • Minister of Flora and Fauna
  • Speaker for the Others (non-human races)


  • The Offices of Treaties and Materia feature in Goblin Fruit.
  • There is a monthly meeting between the Guard, Ministry, and Guilds, as seen in Pastiche.

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