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New Forest

The New Forest in Hampshire has been called that since it was proclaimed a royal forest by William the Conqueror (so, you know, a millenium and more now...) It has a vast number of magical and folklore connections.   The New Forest is one of the largest remaining tracts of unenclosed pasture land, heathland and forest in Southern England, covering southwest Hampshire and southeast Wiltshire.   There are traditional forest rights - six in the non-magical world, seven for the magical community:  
  • Pasture (turning out ponies and donkeys and cattle for grazing)
  • Pasture of sheep
  • Mast (turning out pigs)
  • Estovers (wood for fuel)
  • Marl (clay)
  • Tubary (peat turves for fuel)
  • Yewbote (yew - this is the magical one)
A number of magical creatures live in the forest, including ginsies, mirabiiles, twilight nightjars and others.  



Ytene is the Carillon demesne estate. It has a portal.  

True Eyeworth

A small magical village in the north of the New Forest (near Ytene and the actual village of Eyeworth). The main village is about 200 people, and includes a bookshop run by Pross Gates, a tea shop, an inn, and various small businesses.  

Little Beaulieu

A larger magical village, about 400 people, near Beaulieu in the south of the forest. It also has a bookstore, but the businesses are more focused on nautical needs (a number of residents studied at Forvie). Rufus Pride apprenticed here. This is the nearest public portal in the Forest.