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The Size of the Bog

"The Size of the Bog" is an extra for Outcrossing

Cover of Outcrossing. A silhouetted man and woman in 1920s clothing standing next to each other, silhouetted on a green background. A chestnut pony's head is inset in the top right.

The tale of Rufus Pride's apprenticeship, beginning in the summer of 1912. He begins his apprenticeship with Master Burleigh in a different area of the New Forest, and Rufus is entirely sure what to expect.   It takes place a decade before Outcrossing.

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Why this story?

After writing Outcrossing, I got curious about Rufus Pride. It's clear from that book that Rufus has very fond memories of his apprentice master, but also that his apprenticeship was cut short due to the War.   I was also curious how Rufus came to grips with the strength of his magic.