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Interstitial Moments

"Interstitial Moments" is an extra for Best Foot Forward.

"Interstitial Moments" is a collection of three extras, a total of 25K words, covering the aftermath of Best Foot Forward as 1935 moves into 1936.   Read on for more details about who's involved. Note that the dates on some of these overlap.

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Why this story?

Best Foot Forward causes a tremendous amount of change - not just for Geoffrey Carillon and Alexander Landry (and Lizzie Carillon) but for the other people who care about them. I wanted more of a look at how that played out in some specific places.  


May 28th, 1935

  Geoffrey Carillon debriefs with his intelligence handler, Lapidoth Manse, about his adventures in Berlin.  


May 21st, 1935

  Benton talks with Geoffrey the afternoon he returns home. There are a number of changes in the offing. Benton arranges things, of course.   Later, Lizzie checks with Benton, whether he has questions about the situation, and there is an interesting conversation over supper.  

May 28th, 1935

Geoffrey consults Benton about his opinions, specifically about Alexander.  

Late July

Benton adds the final touches before a gathering.  


May 8th, 1935

  Lizzie consults with Thesan about some of Alexander's preferences.  

August 6th, 1935

Alexander finds Isembard in the duelling salle for a conversation with several unexpected twists and turns.  

August 10th, 1935

Thesan and Isembard deepen some connections and meet some new ones in a visit to Ytene.  

August 12th, 1935

Isembard and Gabe get to know each other, doing a thing they both enjoy a great deal. Duelling.  

August 15th, 1935

Thesan presses Alexander to answer a few minor points, about how things are changing.  

August 17th

Isembard and Alexander visit Perry Judson's grave together.  

May 10th, 1936

Thesan talks to Alexander about the changes of the past year, and what she understands about it.