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Perry Judson

Peredur Judson (known generally as Perry) was the best friend of Isembard Fortier while they were at Schola and in Fox House and Dius Fidius together. They were tight friends, the sort who finish each other's sentences, who complemented each other magically, and who were always up for a joke or magical experiment.   Perry was Alexander Landry's chosen magical heir. Quick-thinking, brilliant, and innovative, he had a gift for pulling threads of magic together to do something new, or to do something more elegantly.   Alexander describes him in Best Foot Forward (chapter 40):
"Perry was brilliant. Not the way his family wanted, but truly gifted. Able to take a dozen threads of different stars, time, space, wild magic, the most formal structured ritual, and weave them together. He never met a piece of knowledge he didn’t want to collect."
— Best Foot Forward, chapter 40
  Perry was killed on August 2, 1917 by a sniper while on a mission with Alexander, Isembard, and two others.   Referenced in Eclipse‌, appears in Tea and Meetings‌, and has a key role (after his death) in Best Foot Forward‌.  

Appears in

Tea and Meetings (during the War)
Tea and Meetings
In Tea and Meetings, there's a scene that features Perry and Isembard Fortier as Alexander Landry puts together the team of five that will be working together in the Great War.
Interstitial Moments
Alexander Landry and Isembard Fortiervisit Perry's grave during Insterstitial Moments as well as touching on him at a few other points.
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Schola, Fox House


Dius Fidius


Magical specialist