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Tea and Meetings

"Tea and Meetings" is an extra for Eclipse

Cover of Eclipse, with a man and woman wearing academic robes in silhouette on a twilight blue and sunset orange background. She is gesturing up toward the sky. A telescope is inset in the top left.

Tea & Meetings involves events from Isembard and Thesan's life before and after the events of the book.   I recommend reading Eclipse first, though there are no direct spoilers for the plot other than references to the success of the romantic aspects of that book in the last two scenes.

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Content notes

Two of these scenes (Summer 1923 and November 1925) contain Isembard in some of his more depressed moments.
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Why this story?

I wanted to explore about various parts of Thesan and Isembard's past, a few of the events that particularly shaped them.  

The events of "Tea and Meetings"

Summer 1904

In which Izzy is confused

Isembard Fortier and Alexander Landry have a conversation about learning and goals.  

January 1908

In which Professor Baldwin takes an interest

Thesan Wain's first real conversation as a first year with Professor Mizar Baldwin, Astronomy professor during her own years at Schola.  

Summer 1915

In which men go to war

Izzy, Perry Judson, Alexander Landry and two others meet to begin to make plans for doing their part in the war effort.  

September 1917

In which Thesan begins teaching

It's the first week of Thesan Wain's first year teaching, and she is perhaps a tad overwhelmed.  

Summer 1923

In which Izzy takes on responsibility
  Isembard Fortier agrees to become a teacher at Schola and bodyguard to two children of Council Members, and reflects on his life so far.  

July 1925

In which Mabyn gathers information
  Thesan Wain visits Mabyn Teague in the aftermath of the events of Eclipse to talk about what a truly excellent education should involve.  

November 1925

In which it is Armstice Day
  Isembard Fortier thinks he will spend Armstice Day alone again, and mourning a great many things. Seth Wain and Golshan Soltani offer a different option. (There is a followup to this scene when Isembard returns to Schola that is part of With All Due Speed.)  

May 1926

In which Master Ward is interviewed
  Schola needs a new Materia professor, and Ibis Ward is their last interview. Features a number of the Schola staff.
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