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Materia is the general term for 'material that makes magic go and/or accentuates it' - it's a whole branch of magic. It covers everything from fiber arts to amulets/talismans to making magical tools (of all kinds). It also covers materials (animal, vegetable, and mineral) with inherently magical properties.   Different materials are held to have specific properties. Some of these are fairly well scientifically proven and work consistently for most people, others are more driven by belief, custom, personal connection, or other less broadly applicable approaches. Generally speaking, there are multiple types of materia that might work for a given magical need.   Materia plays into a great deal of Alchemy as well as Crafting magic.    It's also a mainstay of the work of the Penelopes and Portal Keepers . It's also relevant to a number of the banking magics (see Fool's Gold).  


Taught at all Five Schools in varying forms.   Schola and Alethorpe focus more on advanced magical implications and applications.
Dunwich focuses on trade implications
Forvie on oceanic and coastal materia
Snap on all the many implications for agriculture.


  • Anchoring other magic (especially talismans, enchantments, etc.) 
  • Making additional space (as in pockets, drawers, cupboards, even rooms.) 
  • In fabric and thread, anchoring magic that casts someone in a favourable light. 
  • Health and vitality benefits. 
  • Jewellery with enchantments (such as for protection, health benefits, clarity of thought, etc.) 
  • Working stones rely heavily on Materia. 


Gabe collects a number of items from a specific location in The Fossil Door for later use.   Various discussions in Eclipse and The Hare and the Oak in particular.    Lizzie Penhallow works for a department particularly interested in Materia in Goblin Fruit.  

Notable experts

  Among recurring characters, Farran Michaels and Gemma Smythe-Clive have a particular focus on Materia.   Among Council Members, Matthias Sisley and Rhoda Morwen have a particular focus on Materia.