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Ferdinand Howard

Ferdinand Howard comes from a large and well-bred magical family, the Howards. The Devon Howards, in his case. (The Wiltshire Howards are the line of the family that hold the land magic and title.) He attended Schola, finding a comfortable home for his intellectual interests in Owl House  His mother is German, born Dita Heinrich, sibling to Sepp and Quirin Heinrich of Best Foot Forward. Ferdinand is the youngest child. There are two older brothers and an older sister, then a five year gap before Ferdinand. They're all married and established by the opening of Old As The Hills.   As that book opens, Ferdinand has been an apprentice with the Portal Keepers for two years, perhaps a third of the way through his apprenticeship.  

Appears in

Old As The Hills
Old As The Hills
As Old As The Hills begins, Ferdinand is in a difficult position, needing a new apprentice mistress to learn to be a Portal Keeper after his previous master is needed for war work. When Rathna Edgarton takes him on, she has a very different approach, and Ferdinand must learn only new skills but a new way to look at the world - while finding himself in dangerous and unnerving situations.
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Schola, Owl House


Youngest son of Francis and Dita Howard
Two older brothers
One older sister

Nephew to Sepp and Quirin Heinrich


Apprentice Portal Keeper from 1938 Apprenticed originally
with Master Fortnum   Apprentice of Rathna Edgarton from 1939