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Garin Fortier

Garin Fortier is the eldest son of a family much diminished in the last generation. He and his younger brother Isembard Fortier are the only two surviving members of his family line by the Great War, along with Garin's marriage to Livia Alvey Fortier.   Garin attended Schola in Fox House and has been a member of Dius Fidius since his second year. He is not a ritualist by preference, strongly preferring his alchemy to most other places. His marriage with Livia works much better when they don't spend too much time around each other, meeting for supper in the no-man's land of the dining room connecting their two separate wings at the Arundel estate. He is, however, a skilled duellist in other circumstances.   Garin made a failed attempt to challenge for a Council seat in 1903 before a successful challenge in 1907.   He has been Lord of Arundel since his father's death in 1913. Isembard has been his selected heir since that time, since Garin and Livia have no children.  
Isembard Fortier invites Thesan Wain to accompany him to a number of events during Eclipse, which includes meeting Garin and Livia Fortier. Garin does not approve in general, and spends a fair bit of time dismissing Isembard's choices.
With All Due Speed
With All Due Speed covers the period of Isembard Fortier and Thesan Wain Fortier's engagement and wedding, and Garin has various comments about his brother's choices in life.
Old As The Hills
In Old As The Hills, Garin and his wife Livia Fortier go to Paris in June of 1940 as the German army marches on the city, to get key artefacts and magical treasures out of the city, with results that change Garin's life.
Upon A Summer's Day
Garin appears in Upon A Summer's Day including a particular encounter with Gabriel Edgarton during a meeting.
Three Graces
Garin makes a key decision about the rest of his life during Three Graces while on a trip to Paris for the reopening of the museums with Thesan.
The Magic of Four
Garin doesn't actually appear directly in the book, but his presence - and opinions - are something Leo is absolutely thinking about. Not always in a good way.
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Schola, Fox House


Dius Fidius


Marries Livia Alvey in 1903   Brother of Isembard Fortier Brother-in-law of Thesan Wain Fortier Uncle of Ursula and Leo Fortier   Tutored by Alexander Landry


  Council Member from 1907
  Lord from 1913