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Often seen as the most socially prestigious of the magical arts (though Ritual and Duelling¬†are close seconds). It became the most distinguished and respected magical form in the 1600s.  


Most commonly taught at Schola followed by an extended apprenticeship, but more practical alchemy and potion making are also a significant part of the Alethorpe curriculum.  


  • Various potions similar to current pharmaceutical treatments.
  • Treating and more rapidly resolving diseases.
  • Reducing and treating infection.
  • Pain management or management of chronic conditions.
  • Nutritive and restorative potions for those recovering from injury (as in Carry On)
  • Restoring magical injuries, unblocking flows in magic, etc.
  • Reducing unwanted bleeding (mentioned in Pastiche)
  • Making Materia more magically effective.
  • Magical paints that will allow for embedded enchantments.
  • Creating metals and compounds that allow for creation of charms.
  • And of course, poisons.

Notable people

  Among Recurring characters: Gemma Smythe-Clive, Julius Amberly, Wallington Aylett.   And of the Schola staff: Albertus Norton, Alvis Osborne.