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Medea Aylett

Medea Aylett is a clever alchemist, who married an even more brilliant and inventive alchemist, Wallington Aylett. She appears briefly in Bound For Perdition, is referenced in On The Bias, and appears again in Nocturnal Quarry.  
Bound for Perdition
Medea appears briefly in Bound For Perdition with her friend, Margot Williams
On The Bias
Medea doesn't appear directly in On The Bias but she certainly has a significant impact on the plot.
Nocturnal Quarry
After a number of years, Alexander Landry tackles the question of what Medea was up to, and what it means for Geoffrey Carillon's future.
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Married name

Medea Aylett


Schola, Salmon House


Marries Wallington Aylett in 1910