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Margot Lytton Williams

Margot Lytton Williams married well, into a family with a particular reputation for sharpness (magical and otherwise), ambition, and a desire to triumph.   A specialist in Sympathetic magic, she was part of a major research project during the Great War, specifics unspecified. Her husband is posted overseas for the duration.   She favours brightly coloured dresses, absolutely up to the mode, that draw the eye. (Her coral dress at one of the houseparties is quite similar in design to this coral and net frock from 1916. She's a cousin to the Georgiana Lytton who appears as a minor character in Sailor's Jewel.  

Bound for Perdition
During Bound For Perdition, Margot is working closely with - and having an affair with - Temple Carillon. She's a regular guest at Hawk's Breath, and she is interested in whether she can get Reggie Hollis to share any useful information.
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Married name

Margot Williams


Schola, Salmon House


Marries Reynold Williams in 1905


Sympathetic magic specialist
Femme fatale