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Bound For Perdition

In 1917, Lynet Alder is reeling from the death of her father and struggling to solve a key problem that could change the direction of the War. She is in charge of the creation of magical journals that allow instant communication. She needs more help than the man who's just been assigned to help her. Reggie means well, but he knows nothing about bookbinding, never mind the highly specalised enchantments built into each journal. He is, however, more than a bit suspicious of several of the other research projects housed in their building.  
Content notes for Bound For Perdition (click to read)
Lynet's father dies just before the start of the book, from an extended illness. During the book, she is dealing with her grief, isolation, and some frustration. Reggie has injuries he considers somewhat shameful/ignoble. Contains people acting from privilege and class without regard for others, and one very manipulative woman out for her own goals.

Notable people

Lynet Alder (main)
Reggie Hollis (main)
Cyrus Smythe-Clive (minor)
Lapidoth Manse (minor)
Geoffrey Carillon (appearance)
Thomas Benton (appearance)

Related books
You can find more about Temple's story in the various books in the Carillon family arc. Cyrus Smythe-Clive appears in several other books, as does Lapidoth Manse.
The cover of Bound for Perdition has a man and woman silhouetted in dark brown on a green and brown background, with the woman holding a book while the man gestures. An open blank book and pen are inset in the top right corner.

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