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Lapidoth Manse

Lapidoth Manse is Geoffrey Carillon's intelligence handler. They have been good friends since their Oxford days. Lap works for MI6, out of Whitehall in this period, though with some additional magical considerations. He comes from a magical family, but did not attend any of the Five Schools.   He is mentioned in Ancient Trust and appears briefly in Bound For Perdition and Old As The Hills. The end of the War in Europe finds him relaxing momentarily in the beginning of Three Graces and able to help with a connection.  
Bound for Perdition
Reggie Hollis meets Lap during Bound For Perdition at one of Reggie's clubs, and later goes to him for some additional assistance.
Old As The Hills
In Old As The Hills, Lap is able to help gain access to the Tower of London for a particular and necessary moment.
Three Graces
In Three Graces, Lap provides a crucial connection for making progress on a question that's bothered Geoffrey Carillon since 1922.


Lap to his friends
James Manse professionally


Privately educated
Attended The Academy at Oxford


Intelligence, MI6 (focus on Europe)